Co-ordinated by Emma White, an experienced artist and exhibitor in her own right, we host fortnightly exhibitions on our large foyer and mezzanine walls.

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The Emerald Virtual Exhibition - Web Ban

Hello all and a very warm welcome back to the Leatherhead Theatre Art Gallery. We are delighted to announce that we are back, after a long and challenging time, and we are going VIRTUAL!


Covid19 - It has been an unimaginable time, not only for the art and hospitality sector but for each and every one of us who have been directly affected by the virus and for those who have had their careers, lifelines and family life, thrown into turmoil. The gallery has needed to adapt to the ever-changing dynamic of Covid19 restrictions and social distancing requirements and so we have decided to turn this on its head, and do what all of us artists do naturally - create something new!

The Virtual Gallery: With an amazing package including a fully integrated 3d gallery that our visitors can 'walk' through, alongside an extensive marketing campaign to promote our artists' work to a much wider audience, I am excited to announce that we will be showcasing our exhibitions virtually for the foreseeable future!

Keep your eyes peeled for the link to our online editions – the first of which will be available to view on 5 December 2020 – here, by request to, or via our Facebook Page: @LheadTheatreART

But for now,

a huge warm welcome back...

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The Leatherhead Theatre welcomes artists from across the art spectrum to display their pieces of artwork on our virtual art gallery, which can be viewed 24/7

If you would like more information on upcoming exhibitions or are interested in displaying your own artwork, please call 01372 365141 or email

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