Neil Sweeney

Dance squad instructor

I started with competitive gymnastics and later trained in breakdance and martial arts - I later went on to work internationally for 17 years as a circus artist performing acrobatics and learning new skills such as fire performing, trampoline wall and shape manipulationcame relatively late to dance, only really getting seriously interested in his teens, when he began watching videos and teaching himself various styles of choreography. He went on to take classes and studied dance at West Herts. His day job is as a bookman at Superhire Props Ltd in north London, from where he commutes every Tuesday evening to train the D-Lionz dance squad. His style is varied, but mainly hip-hop. He loves all music and says dance is the only time when he feels free. 'I'm happiest when moving to music, and love to express myself on stage in front of a crowd'. He has trained the squad since it started in February 2017.